Student Spotlight: Joe Foster

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Joe Foster and Emily Wohl


Today’s student spotlight features Joe Foster from Princeton Dance & Theater Studio

1.      Can you tell readers how you became involved with dance?

I was fascinated by the art at the age of 11. I wanted to be like the men who I saw leaping and flying across the stage. Seeing others was what ultimately inspired me to become a dancer.

2.      What do you find you like best about dance class?

Dance class is repetitive and allows one to focus on perfecting his/her technique. I can focus on what is good and not good for my body and get a fine grip on my limits as a dancer.

3.      What is the hardest part about dance for you?

The hardest part of dance is learning how to be in control of my emotions. I find that I save so much energy when I don’t beat myself up on days when I cannot do a particular step. Trying not to get too frustrated is the key to success as a dancer. It is always important to remember how fun it is to dance and not get tangled up in the bad emotions of it.

4.      What advice would you give to other dancers?

Never forget that unless you are a one-person performing group, you are part of an ensemble. The needs of the ensemble should always transcend your personal wants or needs within the choreography or how the director chooses to coordinate the entire thing. It is important that how you dance with an ensemble is what is best for the group, not necessarily for yourself.

5.      How has dance changed your life?

Dance has changed my life because I have learned to be a member of a group effort. I have met many interesting and intelligent people who I would have never met anywhere else, and I have learned why we choose to pursue a common goal. In this way it has had a most positive influence over my life.

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