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15-Second Short: Netta Yerushalmy At Danspace Project In NYC

by Nel Shelby

When my Nel Shelby Productions team really loves filming something, we want to show it off. We really enjoy working with Netta Yerushalmy and were delighted to capture her HELGA And The Three Sailors with two cameras at Danspace Project this Fall.

Look out for more short (like, 15-seconds short!) dance videos showcasing some of the performances we’ve filmed. (See them first on Facebook & Instagram.)


15-second videos are perfect for Instagram and great for catching and keeping the short attention spans of your fans online. They’re fun to do in a series leading up to a show or to hold interest in between projects.

Remember, video makes a HUGE difference when it comes to a patron’s decision-making. (Google found that “Video has the most impact on consideration” when researching how people buy tickets.) Whether you’re trying to get people to donate, see a show, attend a workshop…visuals are important and video moves people to action!



Dance And Your Smartphone

Smartphones are becoming omnipresent, and depending on what you do in dance, you may want to consider building your own app. Like applications on your computer, an app for a smart phone can do numerous things. For example, a ballet company may want to provide information on shows, tours or other upcoming events, whereas a studio might want to have class and recital information available to the public. You could also use your phone app to direct fans to your website, show them videos, and more.

Those who want to be, if not ahead of at least on the curve, can find an easy iPhone app builder or an easy Android app builder and start figuring out ways to best reach their customers. Here’s one I found doing a simple search—which I may try and use for 4dancers to build an app in the coming year.

Keeping up on smartphone technology, social media and other ways to advance your brand is always a good idea, and you can make an app work for you in many different ways, depending on your needs. After all, the more channels through which people can reach you and learn about your studio/company, the better!


Dance Bag – Hand Silkscreened By 4dancers

Get your hand-silkscreened canvas ballet bag now–before supplies run out! I have made 7 of these unique tote bags and will be selling them for only $8 each! Get one for yourself, or as a gift for someone you know–they make a great bag to cart your dance shoes and miscellaneous gear back and forth to the studio, or even to show your love for dance and “go green” at the grocery store.

I got into silkscreening a while back and have been working on developing dance designs for the past couple of years. It’s a long process from photograph to finished product, but I now have several screens and I’ll be sharing the designs with the dance community over the summer months. The nice part about these bags is that you will never see them anywhere else–these are all my own designs.

Soon I’ll add t-shirts to the mix as well, so keep checking back. I’d love to hear what people think about the design–and I’d love for you to help me spread the word!

Here are the specs:

Canvas (cotton woven)

Navy Blue

10.5 x 12.5 inches

$8.00 (plus $2 shipping and handling – continental US prices – inquire about overseas…)

If you’d like to purchase one of these bags, drop me an e-mail at info(at)catherineltully(dot)com and we’ll work out the details.



Tips For Using Twitter

Regardless of whether you are new to Twitter or have been tweeting for a long time, there is plenty to know about this social media application. Twitter is a very useful platform, and I started out hating it, but now enjoy it immensely.

Part of the enjoyment is because I understand the basics. Chris Brogan (of social media fame) wrote a great introductory post about Twitter for those who have not yet investigated it in much detail. (If that is you, check it out.) It can help make sense out of all the noise.

Those of you who have been around for a while may want to branch out (bad pun–see picture) and learn some of the fancy ways to use the site. There are deeper ways to use Twitter, according to Brogan, and I like what he has to say about that as well. I consider myself an intermediate user, since I know a good deal about it, but I know that there is always more to read out there.

Social media in general is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up with it all can be a real challenge–but it can also be worth it. If you utilize sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, try to learn something new about them once in a while to help maximize your presence there. Believe it or not–it can actually make networking online more fun!

How do you use Twitter? Are you an avid tweeter or do you shun the idea of it all? Would love to hear some voices from the dance world on that one!


LinkedIn Groups For Dance Professionals

LinkedIn Groups can be a good resource for dance professionals. There are a variety of different groups for dancers out there–including the one I run with Henrik from Tights and Tiaras and David, from Ballet For Men, Dance Writers.

Do yourself a favor and take a peek when you have a few minutes to dedicate to networking.


Ballet Terminology Wallpaper

Janet Jerger from Dance Teacher Press is with us today to talk about a product from her online store–Ballet Terminology Wallpaper…

One of my favorite products for the dance studio is the Ballet Terminology Wallpaper Border.  This beautiful border is 30 feet long with no repeats, and available in six colors.  You can display 31 essential terms above your mirrors. This visual display of terminology will reinforce and accelerate your students learning. Teachers enjoy pointing out the written words as they teach.  I no longer have to bring a white board or make posters when I introduce a term.

Dance Teacher Press also has a lower cost option of Ballet Terminology Banners.  They give the look of wallpaper border, but are made up of 18 cardstock cards.  (Think of the alphabet above the chalkboard in school.)

For more information on this product and other Dance Teacher Press items, visit their online store.



Social Media: More Than A Tool

The title of this post says it all.

When I first started using social media to promote 4dancers, I did so grudgingly. I joined Twitter and scratched my head at how I was supposed to use it. I certainly didn’t think I’d enjoy it.

Using Facebook as a tool also lacked appeal for me. After all, the majority of my friends on there were actual friends and family.

LinkedIn seemed to make the most sense. After all, it was more of a “professional” site, designed to showcase your resume and develop connections.

So what happened?

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