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Regardless of whether you are new to Twitter or have been tweeting for a long time, there is plenty to know about this social media application. Twitter is a very useful platform, and I started out hating it, but now enjoy it immensely.

Part of the enjoyment is because I understand the basics. Chris Brogan (of social media fame) wrote a great introductory post about Twitter for those who have not yet investigated it in much detail. (If that is you, check it out.) It can help make sense out of all the noise.

Those of you who have been around for a while may want to branch out (bad pun–see picture) and learn some of the fancy ways to use the site. There are deeper ways to use Twitter, according to Brogan, and I like what he has to say about that as well. I consider myself an intermediate user, since I know a good deal about it, but I know that there is always more to read out there.

Social media in general is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up with it all can be a real challenge–but it can also be worth it. If you utilize sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, try to learn something new about them once in a while to help maximize your presence there. Believe it or not–it can actually make networking online more fun!

How do you use Twitter? Are you an avid tweeter or do you shun the idea of it all? Would love to hear some voices from the dance world on that one!


Social Media: More Than A Tool

The title of this post says it all.

When I first started using social media to promote 4dancers, I did so grudgingly. I joined Twitter and scratched my head at how I was supposed to use it. I certainly didn’t think I’d enjoy it.

Using Facebook as a tool also lacked appeal for me. After all, the majority of my friends on there were actual friends and family.

LinkedIn seemed to make the most sense. After all, it was more of a “professional” site, designed to showcase your resume and develop connections.

So what happened?

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Tweet Better–Use TwiTip

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been on Twitter for a week or a year–you can always learn more. When I first started using it, I didn’t like it at all. I now realize that is because I didn’t know how to use Twitter, and after some time I have really grown to like it. You can form relationships in ways that you can’t elsewhere online. Conversations are quick and to the point. People are helfpul and fun.

So how do you learn more about Twitter? You can do endless Google searches, or you can try out a site that is designed to give you the information you need. Try TwiTip and see what you think. It has a “starters guide” as well as sections for “getting followers” and “news”. Make it easy on yourself and take advantage of the fact that there is a ton of information in one spot that you can learn from.

And…if you haven’t already, join 4dancers on Twitter!


Social Media: The Free Marketing Solution

Have a tight budget for marketing your dance studio? Looking for ways to cut back on costs? If this sounds like you it is probably time to take a good hard look at social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.


If your first instinct is to roll your eyes and think, “Who has time?” or, “I don’t understand this stuff”, try to have an open mind. Social media not only offers you the ability to meet potential customers where they are at (on the web), but just as importantly, it is free.

Rather than pouring your hard-earned money into another ad campaign in the local paper, why not take an hour a week and begin setting up your social media campaign. You can learn a little at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be up and running on the web. Ask yourself–can you afford to do without a free marketing option that really works?


Social Media: Adding Value

Today’s social media tip has to do with adding value.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means that you should be giving readers something of value periodically without wanting anything in return. This means you take a break from promoting yourself tirelessly (yes, I said it!) and think about what you can do for your fellow dancers/bloggers/followers. What would make them happy?

Adding value can be as simple as passing along a link to something that is helpful or letting people know of a special deal that they might find interesting. For example, if you just heard that a local dance studio is holding free classes during their open house…pass the word. See a great dance video on You Tube? Share that link…

You get the idea.

So, then next time you are posting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook, try being “other focused”. Not only does it work–but it’s a nice thing to do. And it feels good too.



Using Hashtags On Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, the hashtag is your friend.

Hashtags are the # symbol, and on Twitter they are used to mark a certain subject for a search. For example, if I were to do this: #dance, it would categorize my tweet under dance in a search for that subject. While it doesn’t guarantee that people will find your tweets–it can really help!

Want to learn the details? Take a look at the Twitter page that gives you all the details.



Managing Social Media With Hoot Suite

Time for a social media post…

If you are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (or any combination of the three) you already know that managing all of your social media accounts can be a real pain. Logging in and logging out, tweeting when you are busy and keeping up with people who are contacting you…these things can get overwhelming very quickly.

Good news though–Hoot Suite is a great dashboard program that you can download for free and manage all of your social media accounts from one page.

Update everything at once, in just seconds. And if you have a mobile phone, you can get the ap for that as well. (Not sure about others, but the iPhone ap costs $2.99 and is worth every penny.)

Make your life easier. Get Hoot Suite today!



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